Getting started with Conversation AI

What is Conversation AI?

ConversationAI analyzes conversations to help managers and teams uncover trends, detect keywords, and track progress. When Conversation AI is enabled, will record and analyze calls made through the RingDNA Dialer, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams video meetings. In Conversation AI, managers and teams can search for calls, review insights like conversation etiquette, talk metrics, and jump directly to detected keywords.

As a result, leaders and supervisors can quickly discover positive and negative trends in their team's selling strategies, identify reps who need coaching, and coach reps directly - in other words, easily coach at scale.

Using Conversation AI, teams can get answers to questions like:

  1. What are prospects saying about our products?

  2. How do my reps react when a competitor comes up?

  3. Which of my reps needs the most coaching?

  4. What are my top-performing reps doing differently than others?

Conversation AI helps teams understand what's happening on every call, but most importantly, it also enables managers to take the coaching actions that lead to better outcomes.

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