Using Your Conversation AI Inbox

Conversation AI Inbox Overview

The Inbox is Conversation AI's notification hub – it alerts Supervisors and Agents of key events that occur during or after calls. This includes a rep flagging a call for coaching in the RingDNA (Supervisor receives a notification), calls matching a Saved Search, or feedback provided by a Supervisor (reps receive notifications when annotations or Supervisor Notes are added to their calls).

The Inbox lets users jump to these calls directly so that in addition to quickly viewing calls shared with them, Reps can easily find calls that received feedback, and Supervisors can easily find calls requesting feedback.


Viewing and Filtering Items within your Inbox

1. Select Inbox from the Conversation AI menu.

The number next to the Inbox tab represents your total number of "unread" notifications.



2. By default, Inbox will show all notifications. If you wish to apply filters or change how calls are sorted, do so in the corresponding fields above.

Once filters are applied, select Clear to remove them all

You also have the option of sorting by showing the newest to oldest inbox items (or vice versa) or listing the inbox items in an alphabetical order based (a-z or z-a) on your rep's names. 



3. To view an item listed click the row.

Note: Once the arrow is clicked, your Inbox will count the notification as viewed, which will decrease the number of unread notifications.

  • Clicking on a Saved search inbox item will take you to the corresponding saved search.
  • Clicking on a Shared conversation will take you to the specific conversation shared.
  • Clicking on an Annotation notification will take you to the annotation within the conversation
  • Clicking on a Flagged-Call will take you to the call that a Rep has specifically requested your coaching on.
  • Clicking on a Supervisor Note will take you to the audio call containing Supervisor notes.


4. To delete or mark inbox items read/unread, select one or multiple inbox items and choose the action you'd like to take.

Note: Deleting a notification will not remove the conversation itself. However, once the notification is removed, it cannot be brought back into your Inbox.


Deleting notifications will remove the inbox item from your list and decrease the unread count by the number of unread items deleted.

Marking items read or unread will remove or add to your red notification count, but will not delete the inbox item itself, so you can return to it any time in the future. When items are either clicked through or marked read, the icon to the left of the item will no longer be colored in.

For flagged calls once you've marked them as Reviewed on the call's recording playback page, you'll notice the orange icon has turned green to help you keep track of calls you've already reviewed.


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