Conversation AI Roles and Permissions

Conversation AI User Types:

There are three key role types that impact user experience and permissions in Conversation AI: the Conversation AI Manager, Supervisor, and Member.

The Supervisor and Member roles are determined by the universal team structure- if you’ve set up teams for use in RingDNA, they will apply to Conversation AI with no additional changes.

Conversation AI Manager

CAI Managers act as manager-administrators to Conversation AI. They have access to the Settings section within ConversationAI as well as other setup capabilities. This includes:

  • Conversation AI Settings:
    • Keyword Group Setup: tell ConversationAI which words or phrases to detect within conversations. The groups created also determine how keywords are grouped for reporting in the Insights section of Conversation AI.
    • Custom Vocabulary: Train CAI’s transcription engine to recognize unique words like brand names or industry-specific jargon.
  • Create and Manage Best Practice Libraries
  • Full visibility of the CAI Insights page

CAI Managers tend to be in roles like:

  • Sales Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Sales Ops or Sales Enablement
  • CRO or CSO

To enable a user as a Conversation AI Manager from the Admin Console, navigates to the User's profile then:

  • Select the Overview Tab.
  • Click the Off button next to Conversation Analytics to enable Conversation AI.
  • Click the Off button next to Conversation Analytics manager to enable CAI Manager permissions.



To enable a user as a Conversation AI Manager from Conversation AI, Admins can navigate to the User Management tab within the Account Settings section of Settings within the left navigation panel

Find the specific user and click on the Kebab icon on the far right of the user's row, and select edit


Finally, you can enable or disable the toggle that says 'Make User CAI Manager'





Supervisors are designated by your universal team structure. A Supervisor has access to all their team's calls and can live listen in to them, provide feedback on conversations in real-time or after the fact, and get notifications when a rep needs help on a call.

  • Supervisors have visibility into their team or teams’ calls
  • Calls flagged for review by Members of a Supervisor’s team will go to their Supervisor’s inbox
  • Edit the Supervisor Notes field on an Activity from ConversationAI

Supervisors tend to be in roles like:

  • Sales Manager (primary)
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Ops or Training



Members are designated by your universal team structure. Members are users who are on a Supervisor’s team and tend to be sales representatives or individual contributors. Members of a team can request assistance from a Supervisor during a call, review the recording and transcripts of their calls, and receive feedback on their calls, or after the fact. Members can:

  • Flag calls for coaching, sending their Supervisor an inbox and email notification with a link to the flagged call
  • Receive notifications when their calls are annotated or Supervisor Notes are added
  • View Best Practice Libraries that have been created and listen to calls
  • Listen to their teammates’ calls
  • Annotate their teammates’ calls to provide coaching or encouragement

Members tend to be in roles like:

  • Sales Development Representative
  • Business Development Representative
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Executive

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