Key Tones Not Captured


On rare occasions, when you are dialing a number or navigating through a phone menu, the tones of the keys you press will not be received by the system on the other end of the line. We classify this problem as Key Tones Not Captured.


This problem can arise from anything that causes the sound to be lost or altered, such as poor reception, poor audio quality, or significant background noise. This makes it difficult for carriers to distinguish between the tones and other noise. In some cases, the problem lies with the carrier.

Contact Support

If you are still experiencing issues, contact Support:

  1. Submit a call report to Revenue in the RingDNA Dialer (if you have not already done so)
    • Categorize the call as Key Tones Not Captured.
    • Provide as many call reports related to the issue as possible.
    • For audio quality issues, it’s helpful to provide a sense of severity.
    • Provide this feedback in the call report ‘Note’ field after clicking “Report this Call”
      • What sounds did you hear?
      • What issues did you encounter?
      • Does there appear to be a particular country or region where you experience issues more acutely?
  2. Contact support directly

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