Imperfect Audio Quality: Clipped Voice

rtaImage__1_.png Front-end Clipped Voice Symptom Recording

rtaImage__1_.png Control Recording without the Symptom

rtaImage__1_.png Front-end Clipped Voice Snippet Recording


Clipping is where words are cut off. It can occur at the front-end or tail-end of a word. Sometimes it occurs at the beginning of a sentence.  If you are experiencing this issue contact support.  


Contact Support

If you are still experiencing issues, contact Support:

  1. Submit a call report to Revenue in the RingDNA Dialer (if you have not already done so)
    • Categorize the call as Imperfect Audio Quality.
    • Provide as many call reports related to the issue as possible.
    • For audio quality issues, it’s helpful to provide a sense of severity.
    • Provide this feedback in the call report ‘Note’ field after clicking “Report this Call”
      • What sounds did you hear?
      • What issues did you encounter?
      • Does there appear to be a particular country or region where you experience issues more acutely?
  2. Contact support directly

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