Recognizing and Categorizing Symptoms of Voice Quality Problems

This document outlines the major issues found when using and where possible are one or more common causes (not necessarily the only ones) for the symptom that is defined. Causes can be environmental or carrier related. Solutions to those issues can be found in this document as well.

  • Where possible, we identify one or more common causes (not necessarily the only causes)Causes of issues are typically environmental or carrier related
  • Solutions to those issues can be found in this document as well
  • We we also define vocabulary for use in discussion of symptoms and voice quality issues. 
  • Finally we  present instructions for how to resolve many of these issues

High-Level Troubleshooting Procedure

This is the suggested high-level procedure to troubleshoot voice quality problems, in conjunction with this document:

  1. Categorize and Define the Symptoms

These definitions were developed and applied in order to categorize the voice quality problem symptoms.
See the Definitions for the types if symptoms you may encounter:
  1. Isolation Testing / Troubleshooting

Try to isolate which part of your system is failing or causing issues. It is recommended that you:
  • Replace or swap out your headset with someone else
  • Deliver calls to a separate call forwarding device (mobile / desk phone etc.)
  • Change physical location, take calls from home
  • Use a direct network connection (not WiFi)
  • Use a wired headset (not Bluetooth)


Contact Support

If you are still experiencing issues, contact Support:

  1. Submit a call report to Revenue in the RingDNA Dialer (if you have not already done so)
    • Categorize the call as appropriate.
    • Provide as many call reports related to the issue as possible.
    • For audio quality issues, it’s helpful to provide a sense of severity.
    • Provide this feedback in the call report ‘Note’ field after clicking “Report this Call”
      • What sounds did you hear?
      • What issues did you encounter?
      • Does there appear to be a particular country or region where you experience issues more acutely?
  2. Contact support directly

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