Enable Permissions in Google Chrome for RingDNA Dialer Notifications

When using the RingDNA dialer, it helps to have Google Chrome provide notifications when you are receiving an inbound call or text message.

In order to ensure the RingDNA Dialer can display notification banners for incoming calls and texts, you'll want to make sure certain permissions have been configured in Google Chrome

The instructions below provide the steps for checking the permission settings in both web browsers that support the RingDNA Dialer extension.


Steps for Google Chrome

  1. Navigate to the settings page in Google Chrome. You can paste the following in the address bar and it will take you directly to the settings page -> chrome://settings
  2. Click on Privacy and security, then click on "site settings"Access site settings within Privacy and Security settings
  3. If "softphone.ringdna.net" or "ringdna.net" does not show up on the list, click on "View permissions and data stored across sites"View permissions and data stored across sites
  4. Search for ringdna.net and select the arrow shown below to access the permissions for the RingDNA DialerSearch for ringdna.net to access permissions for ringDNA dialer
  5. Search for "Notifications" and "Sound" and set them to "Allow"Set permissions to allow
  6. You can now refresh the RingDNA Dialer to apply the settings (you should see a banner on the dialer with a "Reload" button to apply the settings)

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