Phone Number Displaying as Spam

On occasion, while making normal day-to-day outbound calls, agents may begin hearing that their outbound calls are displaying as "Spam”, “Spam Likely", or “Potential Spam”.
These designation are made by the external carriers receiving these calls. Each carrier works with analytics companies to monitor traffic on their network and to identify "spam" behavior.

On modern smartphone devices, recipients also have the ability to report a call as spam to their carrier and these analytics companies.

Here are a few behavior carriers look for:

  • Phone numbers with a high percentage of short calls (less than a few seconds). This suggests calls are unwanted and being ended or rejected by recipients.
  • Phone numbers that are generating calls to many disconnected/invalid numbers. This mimics the behavior of autodialers generating spam calls.
  • Numbers that have received a high number of consumer complaints / "report as spam" actions by recipients.

Maintaining a Positive Caller Reputation

Consumers expect to receive wanted and personalized communications, while being protected from spam and unwanted calls. To ensure the highest deliverability of your calls, businesses should take steps to ensure they are building a positive caller reputation.

See Maintaining a Positive Caller Reputation.

Registering your Numbers with the Analytics Companies

If you are following all best practices and still being labeled as spam, your best recourse will be to add your numbers to the FCC Free Caller Registry. Here you can register your phone numbers for legitimate calls to the major US Cellular providers. Please note, this process can take a few weeks to complete.

The three major analytic companies and the related carriers can be found below. A submission can be made directly if your request is urgent.

They may decide to remove spam designations if any are found and your use case is determined to be valid.

Registration is not guaranteed to remove a spam designation and it won't prevent a number from being labeled as spam again.

You can download a full list of your active numbers in to assist with this process. To obtain that file, Navigate to the Smart Numbers tab of the Console, filter for your active numbers, and click the download icon at the top-right corner of the page.

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