Enable Permissions in Microsoft Windows for RingDNA Communications Hub Notifications

When using the RingDNA Communications Hub, it helps to have Google Chrome provide notifications when you are receiving an inbound call or text message. There are some settings in Windows that can block these notifications coming from Google Chrome. In order to ensure the RingDNA Communications Hub can display notification banners for incoming calls and texts, you'll want to make sure certain permissions have been configured in Windows settings.

The instructions below provide the steps for checking the relevant settings in Microsoft Windows:

  1. Click on the Windows button on the desktop, and click on 'Settings' (you can also type in the word settings after clicking on the windows button to bring up the settings app) - we'll adjust settings within the "System" and "Privacy" sections
    System and Privacy setting options within Windows Settings app
  2. Within the "System" menu, click on the "Notifications & actions" option on the left hand side. Make sure the setting for "Get Notifications from apps and other senders" is "On". Scroll down on this same page to ensure that Google Chrome is also set to "On"
    Notifications and actions global setting in Windows settings
    Notifications and actions Google Chrome specific setting in Windows settings
  3. Navigate back to the previous menu to access "Privacy" section, click on the "Notifications" option on the left hand side menu and make sure "Allow apps to access your notifications" is "on"
    notifications - allow apps to access your notifications setting

Adjusting “Focus Assist” settings

If after adjusting the above settings, RingDNA Communications Hub notifications are still not being displayed with incoming calls or SMS, please check the settings for Microsoft's “Focus Assist” feature.

You can navigate to the Focus Assist settings within the “System” section referenced earlier:

system option in settings

Within "System" click on the “Focus Assist” setting:

Focus assist setting

Set the "Focus Assist" setting to "OFF":

set Focus Assist setting to off

If you are unable to adjust any of the settings mentioned in this guide, you may need to contact your IT team who are managing these settings.


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