Freezing, Crashing, or Unresponsive RingDNA Communications Hub

There’s generally two scenarios a user will find themselves in when reporting their RingDNA Communications Hub is “frozen” or the speed of the program is less than desirable. This article walks through these scenarios and offers suggestions on how to correct the issue.


RingDNA Communications Hub not working? Check our Status page.

If all systems are online, then generally the issues may be a result of an issue local to your computer or network.

Scenario 1: Since the RingDNA Communications Hub is an Extension running within Chrome, the performance is limited to the system resources assigned to Chrome by your Operating System. If Chrome is unresponsive due to Memory or CPU limitations, a user may also report that the RingDNA Communications Hub Chrome Extension is also frozen.

Scenario 2: If Revenue cannot establish a reliable connection to our servers, an action in the RingDNA Communications Hub may not be correctly executed. For example: placing a call, leaving a call disposition, creating a new task, etc. The RingDNA Communications Hub sends a request to the server and waits for confirmation that the action has been completed successfully. Usually this is the result of a local network, firewall, or VPN issue preventing the RingDNA Communications Hub from receiving that response from the server.

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Scenario 1: Hardware Resources

Resource Management: Open Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac) and check if there are any applications using excessive resources. Take note of CPU and Memory usage specifically.

On Windows: Type Ctrl + Alt + Del/Delete and select Task Manager.


On Mac: Type ⌘ + space and search "Activity Monitor". When activity monitor is highlighted in the spotlight list, hit return.


If an application is using an unusually high amount of CPU or Memory, consider closing out of the application to free up resources.

If you find that Chrome is using a lot of resources, consider closing any extra tabs that you no longer need. The less you have open, the more performant the browser will be.

If all extra tabs have been closed, you may want to try disabling all other Chrome extensions except for the RingDNA Communications Hub. Having a lot of Chrome extensions can cause your system resource usage to be higher.

  • Copy/Paste this into your browser’s address bar to view your extensions: chrome://extensions/
  • Use the toggle to disable an installed extension, here is an example:
  • Reload your browser for these changes to take effect, and try again.

Scenario 2:Network Troubleshooting

  • Run the Twilio Network Test and ensure it passes all tests.
  • If you're using a VPN, try temporarily disconnecting it. Reload the RingDNA Communications Hub and try placing a call.
    • A VPN may be configured to block traffic over UDP, or specific protocols used by WebRTC, which are needed to initiate the RingDNA Communications Hub.
  • Check Chrome's Console Logs for errors. If a connection times out, a line item may be displayed in the logs which is helpful for troubleshooting specific network issues with your IT team or Support.

If you're unable to identify or resolve your issue, please submit a case to our Support team, and we'll try our best to assist you.

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