How To Capture Session ID

The session ID is a unique cookie generated from each sign-on session. The ID contained within allows our team to inspect error logs specific to your sign-on session and facilitates further troubleshooting in RingDNA Live and other products. 

To find your Session ID, navigate to the Admin Console and click the lock icon pictured below:
Click on Cookies
In the window, expand > Cookies, and finally, select the Cookie titled rdna-session-id-prod
The session key is the field highlighted in the above screenshot.

Now that you have your session ID, please include it along with any relevant screenshots or video you have taken for our engineering team to review.


Alternative Steps:

  1. Right-click on the dialer
  2. Choose ‘inspect’
  3. Developer tools should open in a new window
  4. Click the Application tab across the top
  5. Look for ‘rdna-session-id-prod’ in Name
  6. Double click on the ‘value’ column for that row
  7. Right-click to copy this value

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