Clearing Chrome Data

Over time, your browser tends to hold onto pieces of information from all the websites you've visited. To help with overall performance and to address any updates that have been made to the old site data that's being stored, it's good to clear your cache and cookies.


Clearing the cookie:

1) Copy and paste into your search bar: chrome://settings/content/all?searchSubpage=ringdna
2) Click "Delete displayed data"

Clearing cached images and files:

1) Copy and paste this URL into the address bar: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
2) Set Time Range to "All Time"
3) Make sure that only "Cached images and files" is checked
4) Clear browsing data and restart RingDNA

Updating your Chrome version:

1) Copy and paste this URL into the address bar: chrome://settings/help
2) See if Chrome needs to update the browser version -- if it does, it will update automatically on this page
3) Restart Chrome to finalize update (if necessary)

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