Moments™ Reports: Compliance

This is a collection of Moments™ reports showing how Exclude Notifications impact reps’ behaviors to say the “right thing” in live conversations.

You can evaluate if Agents respond to real-time coaching and say the “right thing” by speaking required phrases during live conversations. Managers can gain quantifiable insight to see if their coaching is successfully sticking, or if more training is needed.

Coaching Effectiveness of "Exclude" Notifications Dashboard

The Coaching Effectiveness of "Exclude" Notifications dashboard provides insights into how effective “exclude” notifications are in changing agent behavior. (“Exclude” notifications detect the presence of required words/phrases and remind an Agent when the phrases are NOT verbally mentioned on a live call.)

How Coaching Effectiveness is measured:

Coaching effectiveness is measured in 3 ways in the 4 reports contained in this dashboard.

Compare the performance of different Agents over time based on the following: 

  • Success- Agent spoke the required phrase(s) before the Notification was triggered. 
  • Coached to success- Agent spoke the required phrase(s) after the Notification was triggered. 
  • Unsuccessful - Notification was triggered & Agent never completed required phrase(s). 

Dashboard Reports:

  • How do Agents compare when being coached by "Exclude" Notifications?- This bar chart report compares Agent performance on “exclude” Notifications in the account. When the dashboard is filtered by a specific Agent name, this report is updated so that the filtered agent’s data is compared to the aggregate of all agents in the account.
  • Over time, are Agents successfully completing "Exclude" Notifications?- This report illustrates the coaching effectiveness of “exclude” notifications over a specific time period. This allows users to see any changes over time. The critical question to ask is whether you are seeing more “Success” over time, or less.
  • On which calls are Agents not speaking the required phrases?- This tabular report details all calls where Agents in the account have been unsuccessful in handling an “exclude” Notification (over the time period the dashboard is filtered by). Included in the table are URLs to each call recording. (Note: If account has call recording turned off, these links will resolve to error pages). This URL is provided so that Managers can listen to a call and determine whether or not additional coaching is needed.
  • Which "Exclude" Notifications are most effectively coaching Agents?- This bar chart details all of the “exclude” notifications in an account and the aggregate coaching effectiveness of each notification (over the time period the dashboard is filtered by). This chart helps managers compare each of their “exclude” notifications so that they have a better understanding of which of them are most/least effectively helping their Agents.

Admins can filter the dashboard by:

  • User Name
  • Team Name
  • Call Disposition
  • Notification Name
  • Relative Date Range
  • Call Type
  • Duration (minutes)




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