Moments™ Reports: Notifications by Disposition

This is a Moments™ report correlating triggered notifications to Call Dispositions.

You can evaluate the efficacy of triggered notifications in influencing call dispositions. Managers can use these insights to augment real-time coaching strategy towards increasing positive outcomes and/or decreasing negative outcomes. Coach in the moments that matter towards the outcomes that matter.


How are Moments™ Notifications affecting call outcomes?

To understand the relationship between Moments™ notifications and the outcomes of calls, Admins can run the "Notifications (by Disposition)" report. By showing call outcomes and business results along with notifications that were delivered, this report demonstrates the efficacy of Moments™ and provides insight into how notifications contribute to moving the needle for Reps and their businesses.

Admins can filter the report further by:

  • User Name
  • Team Name
  • Call Disposition
  • Disposition Outcome
  • Category
  • Content Type
  • Triggering Criteria
  • Relative Date Range
  • Call Type
  • Duration (minutes)

For conversations that result in a specific Call Disposition, assess which notifications trigger most or least often. Identify a Call Disposition in the report’s columns, then click the column header to sort the results vertically in ascending or descending order.

Review the Notifications in the left-most column to identify the % of time, each notification triggers in correlation with the Call Disposition. In this heatmap, the darker the shade of blue, the higher the % value.

Because multiple notifications can trigger on a single conversation, summed percentages in a column can exceed 100% and therefore should be evaluated on a relative basis.


  • Apply the Disposition Outcome report filter to your results to hone in on calls with a Positive outcome. For the Call Disposition Outcomes categorized as "Positive", you can better analyze which triggered Notifications drove the highest correlation to impacting positive results for your business.
  • If applying the Disposition Outcome report filter yields no results, it is because Call Dispositions for your account have not yet been categorized as Positive, Negative, or Neutral. Reach out to your Admin to request to have your Call Dispositions categorized to unlock more meaningful reporting insights.



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