Moments™ Reports: Notifications Over Time

This is a collection of Moments™ reports highlighting the volume and frequency of notifications triggered over time for the entire account.

You can evaluate overall trends for an entire account to understand the amount of real-time coaching being delivered to those targeted. Managers can use this insight to inform the addition, modification, or deactivation of Notifications in deploying a scaled coaching strategy.


What is the trend of Moments™ notifications over time?

To understand exactly which notifications are being triggered (and how often), Admins can run the "Moments™ notifications (over time)" report.

Admins can filter the reports further by:

  • User Name
  • Team Name
  • Call Disposition
  • Notification Name
  • Category
  • Content Type
  • Triggering Criteria
  • Relative Date Range
  • Call Type
  • Duration (minutes)

For a defined time period, compare the amount of notifications triggered for each interval to identify trends. Apply filters such as User Name, Team, Category, or Trigger Criteria to drill in deeper to assess how specific Agents or Teams are contributing to the trend, or find patterns in specific notification types/categories triggering.




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