Zoom Integration Overview


Revenue.io users can leverage the Zoom integration in one of two ways. For users of our Dialer, you can use Zoom to log events to Salesforce to keep track of how sellers are spending their time. Users with a Conversation AI license will have their events logged to Salesforce as well but also be able to play and analyze their video meetings within Conversation AI.

Zoom Integration   Revenue.io Conversation AI

Connect Zoom to Revenue.io

Ability to connect to Zoom via the Revenue.io Zoom marketplace application.

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Log Zoom Events to Salesforce

All detected events will be logged and updated to Salesforce via Revenue.io

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View, Manage, Play Zoom Recordings

View and playback recorded zoom meetings in Conversation AI.


Analyze Video Transcripts

Search for conversations based on transcript and find keywords or questions within video meetings.


Analyze Video Metrics

Compute video metrics in Conversation AI for metrics such as talk time, monologues



Required Zoom License Tiers


To enable the logging of Event objects to Salesforce, users must have a Zoom Pro Account.

Conversation AI

In order to utilize Zoom Video Meetings in Conversation AI, users must have a Zoom Business, Business Plus, or Enterprise subscription.

For more information about Zoom Tiers, please refer to the Zoom pricing guide and feature breakdown


Connecting your Zoom account to Revenue.io

To connect your Zoom account to Revenue.io takes a few simple steps. Follow the steps outlined below to connect your accounts via the Zoom Marketplace Application

Locate your Settings in the Admin Console

  • Login to https://app.ringdna.net
  • After logging in, click on your User Avatar in the top right, then click My Settings



Adding an Integration

Once you navigate to your user settings page, select the integration tab. One selected click on the Add Integration button. 



You will be presented with a Modal that highlights the available integrations for your account. Select Connect in the Zoom window to connect your Zoom account. 



Once you select the Connect button you will be redirected to a Zoom permissions page. Click Allow at the bottom of the integration page to complete the integration. 



Once Zoom has successfully connected a confirmation message will appear at the top of Admin Console. 


Revenue.io will appear in your Zoom Installed Apps list with the option to remove the integration at any time: 




Required Zoom Settings

To make sure that your Zoom account works with Conversation AI there are a few required settings that you must enable. Go to your zoom settings here to make sure the following are enabled. 

Cloud Recording Settings

Users of Conversation AI must have Cloud Recording enabled so that Revenue.io can ingest and analyze conversations in Conversation AI. The following settings must be set to true.

  • Cloud Recording
  • Record active speaker with shared screen
  • Record audio-only files:
    • Record one audio file for all participants (do not enable "record a separate audio file of each participant" as this will prevent Conversation AI from being able to process these calls.
  • Create Audio Transcript




Optional Zoom Settings

Users of Conversation AI can optionally enable automatic recording. This is our suggestion as reps do not need to remember to enable recording for each video call manually.

Automatic Recording Settings

  • ​​​​​​Automatic Recording
  • Record in the cloud​

Personal Meeting Room Settings

Zoom allows users to control automatic recording settings for Personal Meeting Rooms independent of the overall recording settings. Users of Conversation AI can optionally enable automatic recording of their Personal Meeting Rooms.




Disconnecting your Zoom Account

If you no longer want to log Zoom Events to Salesforce or analyze and understand the context of Zoom recordings in Conversation AI, you can disconnect your Zoom account from Revenue.io.

When navigating to your user settings and integrations tab you will see Zoom listed within your list of integrations. Select the Remove button associated with your Zoom Account. 


On selecting the remove button, we will navigate you to your list of installed zoom applications in the zoom marketplace. As an alternative to launching this page from your integrations list in Revenue.io, you can always access your list of installed applications by accessing this link.

Here you will see the Revenue.io application listed. Select the Remove option associated with the Revenue.io application. 


You will be presented with a confirmation. modal which includes an optional reason for removing the Revenue.io account from Zoom. 



Once you confirm and select Remove, the Zoom application will be removed from your account in both the Zoom Marketplace and within your integrations list in the admin console. 


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