Conversation AI Basics



The Inbox

Conversation AI's notification hub 

The Inbox is Conversation AI's notification hub – it alerts Supervisors and Reps of key events that occur during or after calls. This includes a rep flagging a call for coaching in the ringDNA Dialer (Supervisor receives a notification), calls matching a Saved Search, or feedback provided by a Supervisor (reps receive notifications when annotations or Supervisor Notes are added to their calls). Wirth the inbox, you can jump to these calls directly. Reps can find calls that received feedback, and Supervisors to see the calls that matter most to them and their team: calls where coaching was requested, contained top-of-mind keywords, or were shared with them.

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Conversations Tab

Your key to finding conversations that matter to you

The conversations tab is a constant stream of all conversations that you can access, along with a robust set of filters to find conversations that match what you are specifically looking for, such as (but not limited to) conversations that do (or do not) contain specific Keywords mentioned by the speaker (Rep vs. participant vs. either), conversations with particular outcomes, and conversations with specific behaviors. Combining several filters allows you to provide in-depth conversation match criteria, making it easy to surface conversations with coaching opportunities. You can then save the search criteria and choose to be notified whenever new conversations match that search criterion.

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Insights Section

In-depth overviews of Sales Activities, Conversations, and Coaching

"The Insights section of Conversation AI provides RevOps stakeholders at all levels to find valuable and actionable data-driven insights.
Sales Managers and Leaders can get quantifiable insights on rep behavior (conversation etiquette), call activity metrics, trends in conversation topics/keywords, and the strength of your organization's coaching culture based on the amount, frequency, and type of coaching given and received.
Sales Executives, and other cross-functional stakeholders, such as Product and Marketing Leaders, can look at trends over time to understand the market and competitive landscape shifts and frequency of requested features/services."

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Library Tab

Curate best practice libraries

"Libraries can be used to save calls that include best practices for on-going training and coaching or to increase the ramp time of new hires being onboarded. They can also be used to capture calls where a specific competitor or feature was mentioned or to store coachable moments that other reps can learn from.

A call can be added to a Library manually from an individual call page, or Libraries can be auto-populated with calls using a Saved Search."

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Saved Search Overview

Automate Library curation and Get notified on Predefined searches

Saved Searches trigger notifications and can auto-populate Libraries with calls that match your criteria. Saved Search is one of Conversation AI's most powerful features.

Once a Saved Search is created from the Conversations tab, Conversation AI can trigger notifications when a call is made that matches that search, allowing you to review critical calls in real time. This means that Supervisors don't need to listen to hours of calls or shadow reps -- Conversation AI delivers coaching moments directly to them.

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Settings Overview

User Settings

The user settings section provides users with the ability to see and manage the Conversation AI related notifications they are enrolled in, manage their Zoom integration, and also define if they want zoom meetings containing only internal participants to be processed and ingested within Conversation Ai or not.


CAI Admin Settings

Settings is where Admins and CAI Managers can create and manage Keyword Groups, custom vocabulary, annotation tags, and view/manage user conversation visibility settings.



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