Interacting with Supervisor Notifications

During a sales conversation, a Supervisor may want to silently join and listen to the Agent’s live call. When a critical moment takes place in the midst of a conversation, the Supervisor may even want to unmute and intervene to help the Agent steer the direction of the conversation, if needed. This Listen In functionality is provided by RingDNA Dialer and RingDNA Live

Moments™ provides Supervisors a shortcut for visiting RingDNA Live to seamlessly and silently Listen In on their Agents' calls in real-time. To efficiently join the relevant Agent's conversation without delay, each Moments™ supervisor notification features an embedded “Listen In” hyperlink. Clicking on this "Listen In" hyperlink immediately directs a Supervisor to RingDNA Live and automatically joins their Agents' calls in real-time. 

How It Works

When creating a notification, you have the option to view Advanced Settings and modify the Notify Setting. If the Notify Setting is configured to "Supervisors" or to "Both", then the Supervisor will receive a Supervisor Notification when a critical moment is triggered by an Agent's conversation.

The Supervisor Notification delivers a system-generated message alerting the Team Supervisor of the critical moment taking place during the Agent's live call. 

Every Supervisor Notification displays a “Listen In” hyperlink. When a Supervisor Notification is received, the Supervisor has the option to click on the link and directly visit RingDNA Live to join the Agent’s call in progress. 

Through this, a Supervisor can automatically join the Agent's call with a single click, instead of taking multiple steps to navigate to RingDNA Live, locate the call in progress, and joining it. 

Joining an Agent's Active Call

1. The Supervisor receives a Moments™ supervisor notification (triggered by an Agent)

RingDNA Dialer: Supervisor receives a supervisor notification triggered by an Agent


RingDNA Live: Supervisor receives a supervisor notification triggered by an Agent


2. The Supervisor clicks the “Listen In” hyperlink within the supervisor notification

The Supervisor can click on the “Listen In” hyperlink to join the Agent’s call immediately


3. Supervisor is redirected to RingDNA Live and immediately joins the Agent’s call to listen in (as a muted participant)



After clicking “Listen In”, Supervisor is brought to RingDNA Live and silently joins the Agent’s call that is in progress (supervisor is muted when joining). To intervene, a Supervisor can elect to unmute and speak on the call.


Joining an Agent's Inactive Call

If the Agent’s call is no longer active (e.g. call ended) after Supervisor has clicked the “Listen In” hyperlink, the Supervisor will continue to automatically monitor the relevant Agent and will join the Agent’s next active call. Supervisors can manually disable monitoring at any time, by clicking the stop monitoring button.



Switching to a Different Agent's Active Call

1. See how to join an active call.

2. While Supervisor is currently listening in on an active call by Agent 1 and clicks the “Listen In” hyperlink in a Supervisor Notification triggered by Agent 2 on a different call, the Supervisor will be automatically disconnected from the call with Agent 1 and automatically switch to join the call with Agent 2.   



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