Moments™ App within the ringDNA Communication Hub

The Moments™ App provides a flexible interface for displaying and receiving real-time Notifications. In addition to being compatible with the RingDNA Dialer, this app is able to extend the same real-time coaching power of Moments™ across to other platform products. 

Whether an Agent is on a live call within the RingDNA Dialer, or a Supervisor is performing other administrative tasks outside of the RingDNA Dialer; the Moments™ App displays relevant Notifications in real-time as a conversation is taking place.

Note: In addition to the Moments™ App, real-time Notifications can be received and displayed via the Moments™ App for Web or the downloadable Moments™ App for Desktop.



When a Notification is triggered on a live call, Moments™ will immediately display the Notification within the RingDNA Dialer. The Notification card will persist momentarily before it automatically collapses, hidden from view.

The Collapsed Moments™ App (white circular icon) displays a count of the number of incomplete Notifications during the call. With each new Notification triggered, the count shown will increase to indicate new Notifications have been delivered. A Notification can be completed by clicking the "Done" icon within the Notification card. Once a Notification is marked "Done" it will be removed and the count of incomplete notifications displayed in the collapsed Moments™ Appwill decrease.

A Notification can be dismissed by clicking the (X) on the Notification card. Doing so will hide the Notification from view, but can be found again in the Expanded list (see below).





When there are multiple Notifications triggered on a call, the collapsed Moments™ App icon (white circular icon) can be clicked. Upon clicking the Moments™ App (the icon turns blue), it will expand to show a list of all the incomplete Notifications triggered for the active call to be viewed.

The expanded list of Notifications shown is scrollable in the Expanded Moments™ App; older triggered Notifications from the active call appear at the top of the list, and newer triggered Notifications from the active call appear at the bottom of the list. The count displayed on the app icon (blue circular icon) indicates the number of incomplete Notifications in the expanded list.

The Expanded Moments™ Appicon can be clicked to collapse the Notification list from view. The list can be expanded at any time by clicking the Moments™ App icon again.

A Notification in the expanded list can be marked complete by clicking the "Done" icon on the Notification card. Doing so will complete the notification, remove the notification from view in the scrollable list, and decrease the count of incomplete Notifications displayed.



When the Moments™ App is expanded, there is a popout icon 1406946-200.png in the upper-right. Clicking on the popout icon 1406946-200.png launches the Moments™ experience for the active call into a standalone window. This portability allows you to conveniently consume Moments™ Notifications outside of the RingDNA Dialer, decluttering your access to useful information/tools in the Dialer. 

The Moments™ popout window can be resized to full-screen or any desired dimension. It can be dragged to different positions on your screen as well. When popping out into a standalone Moments™ window, the experience transitions seamlessly and the completion status of Notifications is preserved so that you can continue making progress towards addressing incomplete Notifications received. 

When the popout window is closed (by clicking X) during an active call, the Moments™ experience transitions seamlessly to resume within the RingDNA Dialer via the Moments™ App. 




During an active call, if the Moments™ popout window is launched, a banner will display the details of the active call so that you have context about who you are actively speaking with, and removing the need to reference the Dialer. The call details highlight the direction of the call (inbound or outbound), the name of the Lead/Contact or number of the other party, and the duration of the conversation. When clicking on the avatar circles on the right, you can view additional details about the parties in the conversation.





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