Search, Sort and Filter Notifications

This article provides a walkthrough of the search and filtering features available on the Moments™ Notifications page.


Searching and Filtering Notifications

For teams with a large number of Notifications in their organization, navigating a table with many entries can be a challenge. With search and filter capabilities on the Notifications page, users can find specific Notifications easily. 




The Search box allows Admins to search for specific Notifications by Notification Name or by Team Name.




The Column headings in the Notifications table allow Admins to sort Notifications in ascending or descending order for the column. Click on the heading of the column to sort it.


Example of user sorting by Name column (ascending):



Example of user sorting by Name column (descending):



The Filter drop-downs allow Admins to locate Notifications by:

  • Targeted User
  • Category
  • Content Type
  • Notification Targeting
  • Triggering Criteria

Note: When "+ Additional Filters" is clicked, the right-panel will display more drop-down options that are available to use in filtering the table results (Content Type, Notification Targeting, Triggering Criteria etc).

Example of user filtering by Content Type:


Example of filtering by using Additional Filters:



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