Preview a Notification


When configuring a new (or updating an existing) Moments™ Notification, Admins can view a preview of what the Notification will look like when it is triggered in the RingDNA. Seeing a Notification in its context before enabling it is a handy tool for visualizing the end-user experience. The below steps illustrate how to take advantage of this feature.



1.) Log into the Admin Console here.

2.) Click on the Moments™ link in the left-hand navigation bar.

3.) "Edit" an existing notification or click the "Create Notification" button (pictured here)

4.) At the bottom of the panel, a "Preview" button is present. The "Preview" button will be disabled until the "Triggering Criteria" and "Content" settings are configured:


5.) When Triggering Criteria and Content are added, the "Preview' button is activated and can be clicked:

6.) On click of the "Preview" button, a modal window is launched. This modal previews approximately what your Notification will look like when it is received by an Agent while on a call in the RingDNA Dialer.

7.) If the Notification is configured to Notify "Both" (the Agent and their Team Supervisors), then an optional "View Supervisor Notification" link will be visible on the modal. Click it to toggle between the Agent notification and the Supervisor notification.



8.) Please note that Supervisor Notifications contain dynamic text (such as an Agent’s name or a phone number) that are unique to every call. To simplify the text enclosed on the Preview modal window, these dynamic fields are denoted using placeholder [brackets]. The Notification shown in the RingDNA Dialer will display the actual field values (such as “John Doe” or “888-815-0802”). 

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