Understanding Content Types

Configuring Content Types

When configuring Notifications, the following options are available in the Content Type section in the Create Content Panel:

  • Information
  • Alert
  • Warning

Notification form:

Content form:

Content Types

Information Notifications

Information notifications are blue and can be used to communicate helpful information to Agents such as competitor intel or anything that helps them during the call. Due to their informational nature, these convey the lowest urgency for agents to address.


Warning Notifications

Warning notifications are orange and can be used in situations where you a bit more attention might be warranted. As a warning, these convey medium urgency for agents to address. Some use case examples might include:

  • A phrase is detected which potentially disqualifies a lead
  • A pricing concern is raised
  • Lead requests that the call recording be stopped

Alert Notifications

Alert notifications are red and should be used in critical scenarios during conversation. As the highest urgency, agents are prompted to address these immediately. Some use case examples might include:

  • Agent forgets to ask for consent to record a call, increasing liability risk of non-compliance
  • Agent has not asked a critical lead qualification question by a specific time (e.g. 60 seconds into the call)
  • Customer indicates on a call that they wish to escalate a complaint to a Manager



Below are examples of what each notification type looks like:
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