Content Repository

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Content Repository

The Content Repository allows Moments™ users to manage all Content items in their account. The Content Repository Page is where you can craft, customize and organize your Content items. 

In the Moments™ Console, you will notice the "Content" option in the navigation menu on the left. Click "Content" to goto the Content Repository.


Within the Content Repository Page, you will see a table listing out all the Content items within your organization, whether they are linked or unlinked to any Notifications. From here, Content items can be independently managed for currently-active notifications (enabled), previously-active notifications (disabled), and future notifications (yet to be created/configured).


From the Content Repository Page, you can do the following:


What is a Content Item?

When creating a Notification, the user must to add a Content item to be associated with it. This Content item defines the specific message that will be displayed to your targeted user(s) when the associated Notification is triggered during a live conversation.

The Content item includes the following fields: 

Content Title: Headline displayed as bold text in the header of the Notification when delivered to Agents.

Content Body: The text a user will see when a Notification is triggered. Up to 180 characters.

Content Type: The type of Notification intended as Information, as a Warning, or as an Alert

Category: A content category classifies what the corresponding notification is intended to be used for 

Link URL (Optional): clickable URL to direct an Agent to a webpage, resource, or web-hosted document 

Link Display Text (Optional): the text to be displayed for the clickable URL 



Note: A Notification must be associated with a linked Content item in order for the Notification to be enabled. Conversely, an enabled Notification cannot have its linked Content item removed unless the Notification is first disabled.  


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