Moments™ Access for Agents

Admin Users are now able to allow the personal creation/management of Moments™ notifications by individual Agents without the need for securing additional Admin licenses, and without ceding administrative controls/privileges.

This gives Agents direct control to coach themselves in real-time by gaining access to the Moments™ Console. Agent Users with Moments™ licenses will be able to manage personal notifications, and view reports pertaining to their own performance.

Enabling Agent Access

Prerequisite Criteria:

  • User must have a “Member” Role associated with every Team(s)

  • User must have Moments License enabled (ON)

  • User must have Administration License disabled (OFF)

Steps to Enable Access:

  1. In Admin console, navigate to the User Settings page for a particular User

  2. In the Overview Tab, scroll to the License section

  3. If the prerequisite criteria above are satisfied, the Agent User will have access to log into the Conversation intelligence Software by



Disabling Access

Steps to Disable Access

To disable Agent Access for a Moments™ user, you can disable the Moments™ license (removes personal access to configuring and receiving Moments™ notifications entirely). Make sure to click the “Save” button on the top-right to apply the change.


Create/Manage Notifications

Agent Users can create new notifications as personal reminders targeted to themselves and view/edit existing notifications they personally created for themselves. Agents have limited access to basic notification configuration, such as Phrase Match triggering criteria.

Agents cannot view notifications targeted to other Team(s) or Individual(s), nor manage notifications created by other Agent/Supervisor/Admin users.

Note: If there is more than 1 Agent on the same Team, each Agent only has access to their own self-created notifications.



Create a Notification

Update a Notification


Create/Manage Content

Agent Users can only create new content or edit existing content that is self-created for their personal notifications.

Agents are restricted from modifying/managing the content created by other Agent/Supervisor/Admin users.



How To Add a New Content Item

How To Edit an Existing Content Item


View Reports

Agent Users can view reports specific to their own personal performance.

The data, graphs, and filters shown on Reports pages are scoped only to the Agent.


Moments Reports

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