Getting Started with Moments™


Before you can get started, you will need to make sure that you have Moments™ user licenses provisioned and enabled.

For detailed steps on configuring Moments™ access and setup, you can find more information here.  


Logging In

In your browser, you can visit the Moments™ Console directly. If you aren't logged in yet, you will see this login screen. 


Click the Login button and enter your SFDC credentials to log in.


If you are already logged in, you can visit the Moments™ Console directly or you can browse to it from the Admin Console by clicking the Moments™ link in the navigation menu: 

Moments™ Console

After successfully logging in, you will arrive on the Notifications Management Page as your home in the Moments™ Console.



The Moments™ Console is where RevOps leaders and Sales Managers can, at scale, configure and administer real-time coaching to guide reps during the critical moments in their conversations and drive them towards better outcomes.

This guidance is what we call a "Notification" and it is delivered in real-time to prompt, remind, nudge, reinforce, empower, enlighten, encourage, and even correct reps during their live conversations. 

In the Moments™ Console, you will notice the following sections in the navigation menu on the left. 

  • Notifications - this will take you to the Notifications Management Page where you can configure the targeting details and triggering criteria for your real-time Notifications. 
  • Content - this will take you to the Content Repository Page where you can configure your Content, the specific message that will be displayed to your reps when they receive a Notification in real-time. 
  • Templates - this will take you to the Templates Library where you can browse, preview, and add various pre-configured Notifications or pre-written Content to your account.
  • Reports - this will take you to Reports where you can view historical data and analyze useful insights pertaining to the delivery and impact of your Notifications.


Notifications Management Page

Your starting point will be in Notifications.

The Notifications Management Page allows you to craft, customize and organize the targeting details and triggering criteria used to deliver Notifications to your reps in real-time conversations.  


On the Notifications Management Page, you can:


Create your first Notification

To create a new Moments™ Notification, click the Create Notification button:

On click, the "Create Notification" panel is displayed:


In the Create Notification panel, complete the following:

  1. Name - Give your new Notification a descriptive name
  2. Notification Targeting - Select a specific audience that you want to target to receive this Notification. Ex. select "Individual Users" and then select your own name. See this article for details on how to use this setting.
  3. Triggering Criteria - Select a triggering criteria to define how and when this Notification will trigger during a live conversation for targeted user(s). See below for the step-by-step details.
  4. Content - Create and customize the Content for this Notification. This defines what the specific message will be displayed to your targeted user(s) when the Notification is triggered. See below for the step-by-step details. For additional information on creating Content, see this article
  5. Enable - Click the "Enable" toggle to activate this Notification. When enabled (ON), this Notification will be eligible to trigger during live conversations. If the triggering criteria are satisfied, this enabled Notification will trigger and be delivered immediately to the targeted user(s). If you are not ready to enable this Notification, you can leave it disabled (OFF) until you are ready to activate it.
  6. Action Buttons
    • Cancel - this will close the panel and changes will not be saved.
    • Preview - this will open a modal window that displays how this Notification will look to the recipient. Visit this Previewing a Notification article for further details.
    • Save - this will save your changes and close the panel. Visit the Save a Notification draft article for further details on how saving drafts of your work.

Triggering Criteria 

To add your initial triggering criteria for your first Notification, click the "Add Criteria" button to open the Triggering Criteria panel.

By default, the Triggering Criteria will have the "Phrases" option selected. 



Complete the following:

  1. Phrases - Define what speech should be detected to determine triggering. Input a specific phrase (or a word) to trigger this Notification during a live conversation. You can add multiple words or phrases. Ex. enter "hello" as your phrase.
  2. Phrase Match - Select how you want the specified phrase/word to be detected and used in the triggering of this Notification during a live conversation. You can choose to trigger the Notification when the specified phrase/word is spoken verbally or not spoken verbally. If not spoken, you will also need to define the exact timing of when to trigger the Notification due to the absence of the specified phrase/word being spoken verbally.
  3. Mentioned By - Select who should be monitored in the live conversation to detect if the specified phrase/word has been verbally spoken or not spoken, in order to trigger this Notification.

Once completed, click the "Save" button to return to the Create Notification panel.




To add your content to your first Notification, click the "Add Content" button to open the Content panel. Then click the "New Content" button.




Complete the following:

  1. Content Title - Give your Content a title. This will be displayed as the bolded headline at the top of your Notification once it is triggered.
  2. Category - Select a category that best describes your content. For definitions on each category, see this article.
  3. Content Type - Choose a Content type to designate the urgency of the message in your Notification. Each type has a different color and visual icon to grab the recipient's attention. You can pick from least urgent (Info) to most urgent (Alert). More details on Content types can be found here.
  4. Content Body - Enter the specific text for your message you want to convey in real-time to the recipient. This will be displayed within your Notification once it is triggered. Try to be concise as you have a maximum of 180 characters.

Once completed, click the "Save" button to return to the Create Notification panel.




In the Notification Creation panel, locate the "Preview" button in the bottom right corner.

Click on the "Preview" button to see how your first Notification looks like. Click the "X" to close the preview.




Click on the "Enable" toggle to turn it on. Then click the "Save" button once again. This will save your Notification and activate it so it is eligible to trigger.

After clicking the "Save" button, the Create Notification panel will be closed. 




You have now completed the creation of your first Moments™ Notification! 

If you want to test your newly created Notification to ensure it triggers, follow the steps outlined here.



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