Managing Campaign Field Sets

To manage the fields used in Campaign Sequences, the below steps outline how to control the list of fields on the entrance and exit criteria for any given Sequence. 


  1. Navigate to the Salesforce Setup Console
  2. Select Campaigns > Field Sets
  3. Here you will find a field set provided by Guided Selling entitled " Sequence Campaigns"
  4. Select the edit link to manage the field set.
  5. Drag and drop fields from the campaign or related object field lists.
  6. Save the field set to update the fields to be used in the entrance and exit criteria of campaign sequences. 

If a field is removed from the field set that is used within an active sequence, the sequence will still behave as expected and use the field in its criteria validation.

You will see an error presented on those sequences. Re-add the field to the field set to remove the error. 

Please note that only users with the permission "marketing user = true" can see campaign fields. If this value is set to false, users will be unable to select campaign fields within the entrance and exit criteria lists. 

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