Guided Selling Pre-Flight Checklist

To ensure that customers have successfully been properly set up to use Guided Selling in production, ringDNA support requires the following steps to be completed prior to leveraging the package in a production environment due to the power and scheduling capabilities of the Guided Selling package. 

Use Case

Provide the ringDNA support team a list of your intended sequence uses to align with product features and configuration. It's critical that we can align the configuration of the package to goals and outcomes that your team is looking to achieve. These will answer the following questions and provide insight to complete a successful admin training and configuration of your Guided Selling package. 

  • What sequence actions will be used in your sequences?
  • If your sequences require native emails, what provider is being used?
  • What objects are you targeting in your sequences?
    • Leads
    • Contacts
    • Campaigns
    • Opportunities

Salesforce Automation

The second pre-flight check is to isolate any components or logic within Salesforce that can interrupt or conflict with the scheduling operations of the managed package. The package runs three distinct batches on a frequency basis to create and execute the time series of actions associated with a sequence. 

  • List all managed packages in your Salesforce Org to validate any interference with sequence batch scheduling operations. 
  • List all triggers being used in your Salesforce Org

Support Setup and Package Installation

Once we have isolated all potential conflicts we'll move into the process of testing the configuration of your salesforce organization in a sandbox to ensure all operations of the package can be completed and functional tests are performed. 

  • Schedule an admin training with the ringDNA support team to which the following will be accomplished
    • Basic Training Items:
      • Installation of the ringDNA Guided Selling provided by ringDNA support in a full sandbox organization
      • Configuration of user permissions
      • Configuration of Field Sets used for sequence criteria and field updates
      • Configuration on Page Layouts
    • If your sequences require native email capabilities the following are advanced email configuration steps to be managed in the admin training 
      • Configuration of Email API Keys to connect to the ringDNA admin console
      • Connect an email/calendar provider to each of your user's accounts in the ringDNA admin 
      • Perform basic email tests within Salesforce using connected user emails

Functionality Walkthrough

Once all configuration is complete, the support team will walk you through the end to end functionality of the Guided Selling package to ensure that key areas of the package are covered 

  • Functionality Overview of the Package
  • Creating and testing your first sequence
    • Building Sequence Actions
      • Calls
      • Tasks
      • Emails
      • SMS Messages
    • Building Manual Sequences
    • Building Automatic Sequences
    • Activating Sequences
  • Performing Sequence Actions via Engage
    • Completing an Activity
    • Placing a Call
    • Sending an SMS Message
    • Sending a Manual Email


Once all checks are completed and signed off of by a client you are ready to move into production using sequences as a part of your workflow. 

  • All onboarding checks have been completed
    • Use Case
    • Salesforce Automation
    • Support Setup and Package Installation
    • Functionality Walkthrough

User Guides

We have provided an extensive user guide to understand the core user and admin focused tools within the Guided Selling package. To find more, please visit  

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