Filtering Actions by Type

As the adoption of sequence increases, sequence action templates used across sequences, can grow exponentially. To easily find sequences by type, users can leverage a sequence action type filter. 

  1. Navigate to the Actions Tab within Salesforce
  2. Select the "Filter by Type" dropdown.
  3. On selection, you will see a list of all sequence types based on the sequences that have been created for your salesforce organization.
  4. Once a user selects an action type, the sequence list then returns only those actions that match the type selected by the user.
  5. Reset the filter to "Filter by Type" to return the unfiltered results to the list page. 


Please note that the actions search input and type filters work together. If a type is selected and a search value inputted then the return list will show only actions of a particular type with a name match based on the search value. 

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