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What Fields Can I Use In Entrance Criteria

In this article, we will show you how you can make additional fields available to be used in Entrance and Exit criteria.  This is important for:

  • Building out custom strategies based upon your customizations in Salesforce, because by default the only fields available with be Salesforce’s standard fields.
  • Designing Account-based Sequences

To make more fields available within Guided Selling:

Navigate to Sequence Settings > Field Sets

(this tab is visible by default in the Guided Selling app, if you don’t see this tab you either do not have appropriate permissions, or you’ll need to organize/add the tab)

Choose the Object you want to modify:

Navigate to the Appropriate Field Set


If there are multiple field sets to choose from, it will be called “ ringDNA Sequence [OBJECT]”.

Drag Fields Onto the Set


Account Based Sequences

Accounts are not one of the four primary objects used in Guided Selling (those are the Lead, Contact, Opportunity and Campaign).  However, fields for the Account are available in both the Contact and Opportunity Fields sets.

To add Account fields to the Contact Field set, follow the same steps above but click on “Account ID” in this list:


That exposes account fields to be added to the Field Set. 

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