Filtering Actions on Engage

Filtering Actions on the Today View

Filtering by Action Type

Another filter option on the today view is to filter the list based on the type of sequence actions that need to be performed. This list is dynamically populated by unperformed actions across call, email, sms, and task types.  Such as a strategy of performing all actions for a sequence at a time by filtering by sequences, filtering by type allows agents to perform the same type of task at a time until they are completed. 

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Filtering by Type

Agents can also filter the today view by an object. This allows an agent to populate the today view with just contact or lead records to which they want to perform sequence actions. 

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Filtering by Sequence

Such as the ability to filter by a type of participant, agents can also filter the today view to only show participants associated with one sequence. This list dynamically presents the sequences that each of the open sequence actions is associated with.

By using this filter, agents effectively can perform all required actions on a sequence by sequence basis by completing each action associated with an individual sequence. This helps to remove context shifting for any actions that need to be performed that are all associated with the same sequence.  

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Filtering by Record Ownership

Users may also filter sequence actions based on a sequence action’s participant record being associated with a user of queue. As sequence actions are presented within the list to be performed by their record owners, this is the default view within the today list. If leads or contacts are associated with an agent's associated one or more queues, they can filter the list by those queues. 

Actions that are associated with a queue are visible to all members of that queue and available to be performed by any member. 

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Sorting Columns

In addition to filtration options, users can also sort any column within the today view that is presented by default to the user. This includes Name, Company, Priority, and Detail. The default sorting of each column follows an alphabetic descending or ascending format with the exception of the priority field which by default shows all actions with the priority of “High” as default. The priority column then is sorted based on High, Medium, and Low values in ascending or descending order. 

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