Edit Upcoming Sequence Emails

Editing an Upcoming Sequence Email

Automatic and Manual Emails in Guided Selling can be edited before their execution date from the Guided Selling Module. To update the content of the email, navigate to the module on the Lead or Contact page.  

Each upcoming email includes an "Edit Email" button. This button opens an email editor where you can update the content of the email. 

Choose Reset to revert the email content back to the original template. 

Updates to the content will autosave every 5 seconds, however, the new content will not be used unless the user clicks the Save button. 

Once the content is updated, the "Edit Email" button will change to "Update Email."

The new copy will be sent for automatic emails and display on Engage for manual emails. 


Reporting on Updated Email Templates

Email templates can be tracked via Salesforce reporting through the introduction of two new fields on the Participant Action. 

Two new fields can be added to the Participant Action page and can be included in your Salesforce reporting. 

Draft–if true, the email has been edited but not saved. Once the email is triggered, the original template will be sent instead of the draft. Only a Saved email will be sent (Draft will be false). 

Template Edited–if true, the email was edited by the user. If false, the original email template was used.  

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