Creating a Task Action

Building a Task Action

  1. Follow the steps to create a task action that can then be associated with a sequence:
  2. Navigate to the Actions tab provided within the managed package
  3. Select the "New Action" button at the top right of the page
  4. On the New Sequence Action screen enter a name for your new sequence
  5. Next, select the "Task" action type from the icon list on the page. Once selected, select Next
  6. The task actions are based on a defined set of activity field values that will be configured for any task. Select from the list of available fields to add to the action.
  7. The sequence managed package is designed with an emphasis on the Subject and Description fields. Salesforce org's by default require Subjects on tasks. We recommend including a subject at a minimum. 
  8. Once all fields and values have been defined select "save" to create your new action. 
  9. Success. You can now associate your action to a sequence. 
  10. All task sequence actions when triggered will create an activity record when the task needs to be completed. This is the only sequence action that will create a task prior to the completion of a sequence action. 

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