Creating an SMS Action

Follow the steps to create an SMS action that can then be associated with a sequence:

  1. Navigate to the Actions tab provided within the managed package
  2. Select the "New Action" button at the top right of the page
  3. On the New Sequence Action screen enter a name for your new sequence
  4. Next, select the "SMS" action type from the icon list on the page. Once selected, select Next
  5. You may associate an SMS template from the Admin Console to associate with an SMS. If a template is added, it will be automatically populated into the message field. 
  6. To preview select the "preview" link of a template to view the SMS template

Select the "select" action button to link an SMS template to the action

Select "save" to create your new action. 

Success. You can now associate your action to a sequence. 



Due to TCPA restrictions, the Guided Selling managed package will never send SMS messages without human interaction. All SMS messages must be launched from Engage. 

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