Completing a Task from Engage

Completing a Task from Engage

The last sequence action type that can be performed from the today view is an SFDC task. Any task that is associated with a sequence action comes with default information added to that task. Users can perform a sequence action by selecting the task button from Engage. 

Once selected, the card will expand to reveal additional information about the task. A dropdown appears to set the task status. Upon selection, select the Submit button to execute the task status.  


Alternatively, the user may navigate to the SFDC task detail page to complete the task. To access the SFDC page, select the Subject link in the Detail column of the Task row. If there is no Subject for a task, a link labeled "View Task" will display. This will open the task in a new tab.


From here users can complete the task by updating any activity detail and setting the status of the task as completed. 



Once a task associated with a sequence action is set to status = completed, it will be removed from the today view as performed.

Sequence tasks do not need to be completed through the today view and can also be accessed from an individual record or the user's home screen. 

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