Adding Sequence References to Page Layouts

The sequence managed package provides a lookup reference on lead and contact records to the sequences that are associated with those records. Leads and contacts can be associated with a sequence based on the automatic association of a sequence via the scheduling engine of the managed package or by manual user association.  

Adding the Sequence ID lookup reference to a page layout.

Add sequence actions to a lead or contact page layout by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce setup console
  2. Select leads or Contacts objects
  3. Select "Page Layouts"
  4. From the list of object page layouts, select the layout that you would like to add the button to.
  5. Select the individual page layout
  6. Select the "fields" section of the page layout component builder.
  7. Drag the "Sequence ID" field your page layout.
  8. Save the page layout to add sequence actions to your page layout. 

Sequence ID field available to lead and contact records.

Sequence ID field available for a page layout.

Sequence ID field added to a page layout.

The sequence ID field should NOT be used to manage the association of a sequence to a record as that should only be done via the sequence management pages. 

Please note that only one sequence can be associated with a lead or contact at a time. You can select the sequence Id field to be navigated to the individual sequence page associated with the sequence. 

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