Adding Sequence Module to Contact/Lead Page Layouts

The Sequence Module will enable users to utilize the following features from within the Contact/Lead page: 

  • Add object to a Manual Sequence
  • View Sequence object is currently participating in 
  • Remove object from Sequence
  • View scheduled Sequence tasks
    • Skip tasks 
    • See completed task outcomes
    • View additional information about tasks 

Adding the Sequence module Visualforce Component to a page layout.

Add sequence actions to a lead or contact page layout by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce setup console
  2. Select Leads or Contacts objects
  3. Select "Page Layouts"
  4. From the list of object page layouts, select the layout that you would like to add the button to.
  5. Select the individual page layout
  6. Add a "Section" to the area of the page you'd like the Module to appear
  7. Give the Section a name–suggested name is " Sequence Module"
  8. Select the "Visualforce Page" section of the page layout component builder.
  9. Drag the "ParticipantActionsOverveiw" page your page layout.
  10. Configure the module after adding by selection the gear icon.
  11. Update height to a suggested "500 pixels" 
  12. Check the "Show Scrollbars" checkbox 
  13. Save the page layout to add sequence actions to your page layout. 

Section and Visualforce Page added to lead and contact records.

Visualforce configurations

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