Adding Sequence Exit Criteria

Once you have completed the step of adding sequence entrance criteria to a new sequence, the next step in the process is to add exit criteria to a sequence. Exit criteria is used to control when an object is removed from the sequence. 

When the sequence exit criteria is met for an object within a sequence, it will effectively be removed from the sequence and no longer receive the sequence actions to be performed. All actions performed up to that point are stored for historical reference on the associated lead or contact record. 

Adding Exit Criteria to a Sequence

Choose from the available Exit Criteria fields. The Fields dropdown dynamically loads based on two factors: 

  • which sequence object type you are building (e.g., lead, contact, opportunity, or campaign) 
  • which fields you have added to the associated (e.g., Sequence Leads) 

Once you have added sequence entrance criteria and selected next, the exit criteria step loads

Select from the field dropdown to add your first criteria field.

Once selected, add an operator value which is based on the field type selected

Add a value for the field, if the field is a picklist, date, or boolean value the values will reflect those defined values.

We advise against using Formula fields in your Exit Criteria, as they alone won't trigger the participant to exit your Sequence. This is a limitation in Salesforce where updates to the Formula field value do not run triggers in Salesforce.


Repeat the process to add as many fields as required to validate your sequence participants

If you wish to add conditional logic for sequences with more than 2 field values, you can add a simple text constructor to add logic to your criteria.

When completed, select the Save button to move on to adding sequence actions to your sequence

Sequence Exit Criteria is validated every 30 minutes in the participant search scheduled batch. 

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