Adding Sequence Action Related Lists to Page Layouts

The Guided Selling managed package provides a related record list of sequence actions that can be associated with lead or contacts. This object acts as the driver of the actions that are performed systematically by the sequence package or agents from the today view. By adding the sequence actions related list to the lead or contact page layouts, you can gain full visibility into the actions that have been scheduled and performed for a lead or contact. 

Adding the Sequence Actions related list to a page layout

Add sequence actions to a lead or contact page layout by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce setup console
  2. Select leads or Contacts objects
  3. Select "Page Layouts"
  4. From the list of object page layouts, select the layout that you would like to add the button to.
  5. Select the individual page layout
  6. Select the "related lists" section of the page layout component builder.
  7. Drag the "Sequence Actions" related list to your page layout.
  8. To manage the fields visible in the table select the wrench icon for the sequence actions list
  9. Drag and sort fields to be viewed in the table to the Selected Fields Column
  10. Close the column management modal
  11. Save the page layout to add sequence actions to your page layout. 

The Sequence Actions object can be found in the Related List section of the page layout builder

Sequence Action Related List added to the page layout

Manage fields to be visible in the sequence action related list

Sequence Actions List visible on a page layout

Make sure to manage the fields you want to view on the sequence action list to easily see the status and performance of sequence actions. 

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