Add "add to sequence" and "remove from sequence" buttons to lead and contact list views

The sequence managed package provides custom buttons entitled "add to sequence" and "remove from sequence" that can be added to list views to add or remove leads and contacts to a Sequence in bulk (up to 200 at a time). These buttons, when added to "Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic", allows users to add/remove multiple records to manual sequences that the lead or contact record matches based on the criteria set for the manual sequence.

Salesforce Lightning users should also add the button to "Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic."

Adding the buttons to list views page layouts

Add the buttons to a lead or contact list by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce setup console
  2. Select leads or Contacts objects
  3. Select "Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic"
  4. Scroll to the custom buttons section
  5. Select the "add to sequence" available button
  6. Add the button to selected buttons
  7. Repeat steps for "remove from sequence" button
  8. Save the page layout to add the button to the layout. 

The "Add to Sequence" and "Remove from Sequence" buttons available in custom buttons on the "Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic"

The "Add to Sequence" and "Remove from Sequence" Buttons added to a search list view

You can add the "add to sequence" button directly to a page layout from list view page by selecting the "edit object." 

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