Adding Conditional Criteria to a Sequence Action

Conditional criteria allow sequence admins to designate criteria required for a sequence action to be triggered. This enables control over the advancement of a sequence participant before the next action can occur.

Follow these steps to add criteria requirements for an action: 

  1. Expand an individual sequence action on the creation or edit of a sequence
  2. Select the "Criteria are met" radial associated with the action
  3. If the criteria is not met, choose whether you want the action to wait for Criteria to be met or skip this action. 
  4. Select a Field from the available dropdown list.
  5. Select an operator based on the type of field selected.
  6. Add value to be validated for the field selected
  7. Repeat based on the number of fields need to validate the criteria
  8. Add a conditional operator if required to execute the criteria logic.

Success! Your sequence action will be triggered based on the criteria set on the individual action. 

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