Add Guided Selling User Licenses in Salesforce

This article outlines how a Salesforce Admin can assign users a Guided Selling license in Salesforce.

In addition to enabling Guided Selling for users in Admin Console, this is a crucial step in the Guided Selling setup process and should be followed whenever a new Guided Selling user is added to the org. 

To add a Guided Selling user license in Salesforce:

1. In Setup, search for and select Installed Packages.
2. Click Manage Licenses next to "Guided Selling by RingDNA"
3. Click Add Users to begin assigning your Guided Selling licenses to your users.
4. Select the user you’d like to give a license to, then clickAdd to provision them a Guided Selling license.

NOTE: Any user who has not been provisioned a Guided Selling license in Salesforce will be unable to use Guided Selling. So, please make sure all Guided Selling users have been given a license before navigating away from this page. 

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