Adding a Field Update to a Sequence Action

Field updates allow admins to designate automatic workflows within a sequence package on the completion of an action. To add an optional field update to a sequence action follow the steps below:

  1. Expand an individual sequence action on the creation or edit of a sequence
  2. Select the "Field updates required" radial associated with the action
  3. Select a Field from the dropdown list that requires the field update. Available fields are limited to fields configured in the Sequence Field Set for that object.
  4. Select the Value to be added to the field on the completion of the action


Success! Your field update will be performed on the successful completion of the sequence action defined in the action builder. If the action is skipped, the field will not be updated.  

Please note that the fields provided for the field updates are only fields associated with the root object of a sequence type (lead, contact, opportunity, or campaign).

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