Assign Batch Owner

Assign Batch Operations

Guided Selling automates many of the granular operations to ensure your sales cadences are be followed on schedule.

This includes: 

In order for these actions to operate as designed, you'll need a user with sufficient privileges to be assigned the batch owner. 

Batch Owner Requirements

  • Sequence License (set by support) 
  • Sequence Admin permission set
  • Guided Selling Standard Object permission set
  • Salesforce Admin (with Customize Application permission)
    • This permission allows the Batch Owner to manually execute/stop jobs from the Sequence Settings page.

Assign Ownership

To set the Batch owner:

1. Open Guided Selling as a Sequence Admin, then select Sequence Settings
2. From the side rail, select Batches.
3. Click Set Batch Owner

Once you agree to the modal prompts, you will be assigned all scheduled APEX jobs for the Guided Selling package.  


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