Adding the Sequence Permission Sets to a User

Permission sets allow managed packages the ability to create a set of permissions to extend to an individual user of Salesforce. Instead of granularly tracking permissions, it is a way to enable full control and access in a single action. 

Steps to Add Sequence Agent and Admin Permissions to a User

To manage sequence admin permission sets follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce Setup Console
  2. Select Users
  3. Select the individual user you wish to grant permissions from the list of users.
  4. Locate the Permission Set Assignments related list on the individual user's page
  5. Select Edit assignments
  6. Move either "Sequence Agent" or "Sequence Admin" permission set from the Available Permission Sets to the Enable Permission Sets
  7. Select save to update the permission set for the user.

The permission set allows read and write access to all fields within the sequence package across sequences and sequence actions.

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