Sending Sequence Emails via Your Email Account

One of the key differentiators of the Guided Selling package is its ability to send emails not only from Salesforce but from sending emails via a user's native email account. This is managed via the admin console on a user by user basis. 


  1. API Key and Secret must be added to Salesforce as outlined in the Adding a Sequence API Key outline. 
  2. Users must have a configured provider connected account within the admin console.


  1. Open the  admin console by navigating to:
  2. Select the Users tab in the left-hand navigation and select Manage
  3. Search for the user by name or email
  4. Select the user from the list after adding your search criteria
  5. Now, on the user's page, select the Account tab
  6. On the Accounts tab, you can view the users' connections to a number of providers. 
  7. If a profile is connected to a provider, select the "manage" link to view their account settings
  8. On the manage provider screen you'll find a "sync state" value. 
  9. If the sync state is "running" then your user is successfully connected. If there is any other value other than "running", then contact to triage. 

If the sync state of a user is not "running" emails will be sent via Salesforce instead of their connected email account in the admin console.

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