Guided Selling v4.84 Release Notes

Upgrading to Guided Selling v. 4.84+ introduces new tabs and visualforce pages throughout the application. With this upgrade, a few implementation steps are required. 

  1. App Configuration for both LightningandClassicApp: Update the Application Tabs to display the new “React” versions of Actions, Engage, Sequences, Etc…
    1. Setup > Apps > App Manager > Find “Guided Selling by ringDNA” > Edit
    2. Under “Application Settings” select “Navigation Items”
    3. Remove all of the legacy pages. They contain “deprecated” in their name.
    4. Add in the React versions.
      • Engage
      • Actions
      • Sequences
      • Sequence Settings (Admin)
      • Participant Sequence Actions (Optional)
  2. Users will need to also update any bookmarks, or their personal application tabs in any custom apps
  3. Lead and Contact Page Layouts: Swap the old Lead and Contact “participantactionoverview” Visualforce Modules with the newly updated “ParticipantActionsOverview_Lead” and “ParticipantActionsOverview_Contact

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