Adding Sequence Entrance Criteria

Once you have added sequence details to your new sequence, the next step in the process is to add entrance criteria to a sequence. Entrance Criteria is used to determine the parameters required to add a participant to a sequence. 

Adding Entrance Criteria to a Sequence

Choose from the available Entrance Criteria fields. The Fields dropdown dynamically loads based on two factors: 

  • which sequence object type you are building (e.g., lead, contact, opportunity, or campaign) 
  • which fields you have added to the associated Field Set (e.g., Sequence Leads)

Once selected, add an operator value based on the field type selected. Available operators will vary based on field type. 

Add a value for the field, if the field is a picklist, date, or boolean value the values will reflect those defined values.

We advise against using Formula fields in your Entry Criteria, as they alone won't trigger the participant to enter your Sequence. This is a limitation in Salesforce where updates to a Formula field value do not run triggers in Salesforce.


When adding a text field with multiple possible entries, you can separate the entries using the "Includes" operator with a comma separator for each word/phrase (e.g., State includes CA, NV, OR).

Repeat the process to add as many fields as required to validate your sequence participants

If you wish to add conditional logic for sequences with more than 2 field values, you can add a simple text constructor to add logic to your criteria.

Customized logic uses And/or statements that can be coupled using parentheses. In the given example, entrance criteria searches for objects where Type equals Customers and Status is either In Progress or Active is set to True.   You may use If, And, Not, and Or. 


When creating entrance or exit criteria for sequences, avoid having AND and OR conditions next to each other without parentheses.

  • Supported
    • (1 AND 2) OR 3
    • 1 OR ((2 OR 3) AND 4)
  • Not Supported
    • 1 AND 2 OR 3
    • 1 OR (2 OR 3) AND 4

When completed, select the Save button to move onto adding exit criteria to your sequence

Helpful Tip: Running reports mirroring the logic used in your sequences gives you the ability to see the number of leads or contacts that should be added to the sequence. 

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