Participant Batch Process

The Sequence Participant Batch Process is logic that executes within the managed package to (1) execute automatic actions associated with a sequence, (2) flag subsequent actions to be shown on the Today view and disassociate participants from a Sequence if some update caused them to meet their related Sequence's exit criteria.

Disassociating Participants

Although participants are disassociated via triggers, there are instances where a participant (Lead or Contact) can be updated to meet a Sequence's exit criteria without triggers running. One such scenario is when a non-sequence user updates a Lead or Contact. Since Sequence triggers don't execute on non-Sequence user updates, the participant will not be exited from the Sequence in this case.


The participant batch process runs every 30 minutes.


The participant batch process interacts with the following components:


The responsibility of the batch process and what it controls are:

  • Checks if any participant meets their Sequence exit criteria
  • Performs Automatic Native Email Actions via the API
  • Sets the "Is_Initiated", "Actual_Execution_Date" values on the participant Action
  • Sets the "Show on Today" field of subsequent Participant Actions

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