Email Limits and Throttling

To ensure deliverability, Guided Selling Admins may set the number of daily emails a user can send per day using the tool. 

Note: To avoid Email Service Provider (ESP) throttling, Guided Selling will always limit emails sent to 20 per minute.

Configure Daily Limit

​​​​​​You may set the number of emails sent per user per day. Any additional emails will be rescheduled for the next day.  

  1. Go to Sequence Settings in Salesforce
  2. Access the Email section 
  3. Under Limit for number of emails sent per day, choose your preferred limit.  

You may need to check with your ESP for limits in your organization. Most gmail accounts are limited to 500 per day while Microsoft is limited to 10,000 . You'll want to make sure you leave enough for normal email activity outside of Guided Selling. 

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