Configure frequency of delegation Apex Jobs

Adding records to an Automatic Sequence requires the running user to have Guided Selling license/permissions. If your org uses third part integrations to update records--integrations that may not be licensed. To account for this, Guided Selling runs "Delegation" jobs that scan your org for recently updated records not currently in a Sequence and add them to a Sequence as necessary. 

These Apex Jobs run by default every 5 minutes. If you are not using third-party integrations or speed-to-lead is not a primary concern, you can adjust these jobs to run hourly instead. 

Configure Delegation Job Frequency 

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup
  2. Access Custom Settings 
  3. Edit Guided Selling Delegation Detail
  4. Click Manage on top
  5. Click New on top 
  6. Set Hourly checkbox to True 

When True, the jobs will run every hour, otherwise, they run every 5 minutes.  

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